SISXplorer 1.1

Disassemble and view the files contains in a Symbian installer
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Bundles together RSC, HEX, MBM, E32 and MIF viewers. Dissects installation files for Symbian devices so that you can extract specific files and images or reverse engineer applications.

As mobile phones using the Symbian 60 version 3 OS are so common, we also come across many software packages which includes themes, software, games, etc. These packages are available in the form of .sisx files. SISXplorer comes handy in these times so that it helps the end-user to know what actually lies inside the pre-compiled packages. It is a powerful and fast tool to use, with many integrated features which makes the task easier. It can also extract all the files inside a .sisx file. This software comes with an inbuilt HEX viewer, which is fast enough to handle the big files and inspect them without much hassle. It has an E32 viewer which details to the user the contents in the headers of the executables inside the archive. Another feature to be noted is the integrated MBM viewer, which allows the user to view the MBM files inside the archives (like inside theme files, shown in screenshot). Other features include a default text editor, a RSC viewer, which allows the users to view the resource files and a MIF viewer which allows the user to view the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) icons. All these inbuilt plug-ins are capable to display the information that any normal user would crave for. It also displays the functionalities granted to the application. Moreover, SISXplorer supports drag-n-drop, making it an easy to use tool. It also supports opening multiple files in the same time and extracting them all together. With the tree-view, handling archives and also the files contained in them is a breeze. To top it all, this software is freeware!
It has to be noted that this software requires .Net 2.0 framework (or higher) to work properly.

Farhan Anwar
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  • It is completely free
  • Supports drag-n-drop
  • Capable of handling multiple files at the same time, and extracting them all together
  • Inbuilt plug-ins to handle files like MIF, MBM and RSC. So that you won’t have to search for separate viewers
  • Tree-view helps in understanding the contents of archives, and also where they are going to be installed in phone


  • It is not capable to edit/replace files and then re-compile the archive
  • Handles only S60v3 files, support for S60v2 and V1 could have been added
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